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Our tannery is one of the last remaining firms in Europe that produces its leather with the since centuries tried and tested tanning procedures "Glacé" and "Chaimois". Leathers with the special properties of these forms of tanning are particularly applied in organ building.

The high-class leather is produced in Hirschgasse 12 in Blaubeuren according to tried and tested procedures already since 1782. The experiences, passed on from generation to generation is reflected in the special quality of our leather. They are built in organs all over the world since several decades, since as exclusive provider for various leather merchants we were always jointly responsible for their best leather quality. Now you can cover your requirements on Glacé and Chamois leathers directly at the manufacturer and thereby profit form both the price and the quality. We endeavour to meet every custumors' requirements directly and reliably. Supplementary to our Glacé- and Chamois leathers, we offer a wide range on other leather types, especially applied in organ building, to low prices. The product range was selected by our chief executive Karl Widenmann, who has more than 40 years of experience as leather engineer, and can be extended due to demand and desire.

Visit also the further sites of www.weissgerberei.de and find

  • Information about the unique properties of our Glacé and Chamois leather and their special applicability in organ building,
  • details about our wide assortion on leathers including available size, thickness, qualities, etc.
  • a download list of documents, consisting of all information and all requirements for your orders
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Due to the steady increase in the raw material prices over the last years, we are not able to hold the prices on our self tanned products any longer.

The new prices, valid as of 01/01/2016, are:

Pallet Leather: 62,00 €/m2 (Assortment 1A), 60,50 €/m2 (Assortment 1B)

Bellows Leather: 59,50 €/m2 (Assortment 1A), 58,00 €/m2 (Assortment 1B)

Bellows Goat Leather: 59,50 €/m2

Chamois Leather: 55,50 €/m2

Leather Straps: 3,15 €/lfm (20mm), 3,60 €/lfm (30mm), 4,25 €/lfm (40mm), 5,00 €/lfm (50mm), 6,10 €/lfm (60mm)


We appologize for any inconvenience.